When? – A poem by a friend

This is a poem by my friend Rishi. Thinking why the hell this is here on this blog? Coz this was written for me :).

When your life is full of sorrow and you can't bear the pain When there is nothing left to heal and you wish you were insane When your heart yearns for nothing and there is nothing left to gain Then the blessings from the heaven will come to you as rain. When there is nothing in this world that appeals to you anymore When you have locked everything and your life has gone sore When the very people you trusted betrayed you to the core Then lookup to the sky 'cause the lord has planned much more. Even when you did something that no other man has ever done Even if you told something or stabbed or shot some with a gun If you regret and are now repentant and if your conscience makes you run Then you certainly have His mercy but in ways with spins and stunts.

-Rishi Raj


Copied Tamil songs

They say that we have reduced the power shortages but still there are power cuts in Tamil Nadu. Yesterday night there was one, Christal and I were bored to death and so we started talking about the copied tamil songs. Man, there are hell a lot of songs copied. These are the songs which we were able to identify.

Copied Song


Copied from


Adi anarkali Ullathai Allitha Summer time Shagy
Akila akila Nerukku Ner (Deva) Buffalo Soldier Bob Marley
veesum kaatrukku Ullaasam Listen to my heart Pocohontas
Paakaathe paakkaathe Gentleman Hilele hilele Osibisa
monisha Monisha en monalisa Maria Ricky Martin
O Nenjae Mugavari Get Down Back street Boys
Welcome boys Priyamanavalae Coco Jumbo Mr.President
Minnalgal Koothadum Pollathavan Smack that Akon
Unnakana Naan Kadhalil Vizhunthen Unfaithful Rihana

Even though many there are copied songs there are also few originals which I like. I have put up a page for my favourite songs. I will update that page with more songs both Tamil and English.

Being Yourself – Is that possible?

I have always been Myself. I have taken my own decisions in my life. My parents have given me that liberty. But there are many who don’t have that. It is very difficult to be oneself in our country. I am here talking about the simple to complex decisions of life. There’s a lot of “bindings” to the society. People are living by these restrictions even without realising them. They are not even given a chance to “voice their opinions” in many a situations.

Its really sad. More than sad. Its actually pathetic.

Like, the students are not allowed to choose their career. The career path is chosen by their parents. Most of the time they think that a certain career path is good because the society approves of it. Engineering or Medicine aren’t the only paths which are good. People shine in every walks of life. If the kid needs to study literature let him/her study it. Maybe one day he may become a great writer. Remember J.K.Rowling became a millionaire because of her books not because she had a degree in engineering or medicine. Studies is not everything. There’s sports, arts , crafts,innovation etc. Let them chase their dreams, they may become a Tendulkar or M.F.Hussain or Mozart or Larry Page some day.

Of course, I not saying anything wrong about parents’ intentions. They think they are making it easier for their kids. But they don’t realise that the kids need to make their own decisions even if they are not the most sought out career path. There’s a greater probability they will shine in their chosen path. Even if they are not successful in their chosen career, its their life, they learn to take responsibility for their actions and “learn from their mistakes”.

Similar is the matter of selecting the spouses. Why cant it be just simple? Why does it have to be so complicated? Why can’t the parents just trust in their son/daughter’s decisions? Why does the society has to approve? Two people like each other. They think they are compatible and can co-exsist. Isn’t that reason enough. Why do the parents feel the need to check the religion and caste? People have to change their perspective of their thinking.

The important thing is not where people are born rather it is where they are now in their lives.

Hey that sounds good. I just made that up. Okay I guess enough of rambling for one night.


Koleveri Vs Love anthem

Koleveri has been making rounds and has reached new heights. But isn’t this type of songs Simbu’s genre. I mean about gals, about love failure, in Chennai Tamil and English. Dhanush is really one hell of a lucky guy. Just think about all Simbu’s songs but Dhanush’s first tanglish song has spread like wild fire.

Simbu’s exasperation can be fully seen in his ‘Love anthem’. Just thought I would put some of simbu’s  songs.

loosu penne

where is the party

No money No honey

kutti pisasu

yammadi aathadi

Beware of the increasing Fake currency notes….

Today I came to know that the Fake currency notes are in circulation very much in India. It was so much shocking. Christal was saying me about this and I was able to identify one of the notes as a Fake notes. The shocking thing was I got that 100 rupee note from an ATM.

I was thinking that I should share the informaton with you folks. Check this for

100 rupee note

1.”see through register” – the floral design above the ashoka emblem should contain the denomination of the currency note i.e., 10, 20, 30, 50, 100,500, 1000 .

 2. “watermark”- the plain part of the left hand side contains water  mark of  portrait of Mahatma Gandhi and the denomination of the  note. This can be viewed clearly when the note is held on the path of  the light.

3.” year of manufacture” – which should be in the back side.

These are the three things which the fake note missed. The portrait of Mahatma Gandhi was there but the number 100 was missing in the watermark.

Picture courtesy :RBI website.

Don’t use Plastic bags…….

Yesterday I was at reliance Fresh near Medavakkam koot road. I got all the utilities needed and was checking out when this sign board about charging for the plastic bags and thought that was really bad. Below that was an explanation for that. I started reading it. The bill board stated that government is trying to reduce the use of plastic bags.

I was just wondering why the hell can’t the government ban the production and use of plastic bags instead of making the customers pay for the ‘plastic bags’. This is so ridiculous. If the Govt makes the stores distribute paper bags or jute bags, it is worth even if they make us pay for it.